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Welcome / Bienvenue / Willkommen / Benvenuti / Bienvenidos

we_translate does not currently have active moderators.
Wanna give a hand? Make yourself known!

The main tasks are:
  • maintenance of the community (like approve/reject new posts or comments)
  • posting the new issues of the newsletter
  • contacting new authors that meet our standard
  • contact particular and prominent translators for the monthly interview
If you would like to help, please PM kestrel755. And the more the merrier :)
Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the Fanwork Translators' Community! We hope you will enjoy yourself among us!
Bienvenue sur la communauté des traducteurs de travaux de fans! Nous espérons que vous vous plairez parmi nous !
Willkommen in der Gemeinschaft für Übersetzer aus jedem Fandom! Wir hoffen, dass es euch bei uns gefällt!
Benvenuti nella comunità dei traduttori di ogni fandom! Speriamo che ti divertirai con noi!
Bienvenidos a la comunidad de traductores de todos los fandom! Esperamos que te vas a disfrutar con nosotros!

Please check out the rules and the posting norms. If you have any question, ask away.
Merci de passer voir les règles et les normes de présentation. Si vous avez la moindre question, posez-la sans attendre.
Bitte seht euch die Regeln und die Postingrichtlinien an. Wenn Ihr irgendwelche Fragen habt, zögert nicht zu fragen.
Dai un'occhiata alle regole e a come postare. Se hai qualche domanda, chiedi pure.
Por favor revise las reglas y las normas de publicación. Si usted tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en preguntar.
i'm a spanish fanfiction writer, and I'm looking for someone to translate some of my Sherlock (TV) works to english, but I'll better start by the one I'm currently working on, which will be Your Shadow I follow. I highly recommend to read the tags before offering, or contacting me. It's a long-fic work, currently in process. Anyone interested in the translation, please contact me via PM


Link to AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3501467/chapters/7695602
Link to FF.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11097791/1/Your-shadow-I-follow

Soy una autora de fanfiction española y estoy buscando a alguien para traducir algunos de mis trabajos de Sherlock (TV) al inglés, pero por ahora prefiero empezar con el que estoy escribiendo, que sería Your Shadow I follow. Recomiendo encarecidamente que cualquier interesado lea los tags antes de ofrecerse o contactar conmigo. Es un long-fic en proceso. Cualquiera interesado en la traducción, por favor contacte conmigo por PM

I am currently looking for someone who can translate one (or more) of my already posted german fanfictions (Marvel Cinematic Universe Fandom) to english. I love to read english but can't write it very good. I have 11 uploaded projects which I would like to be translated; 5 of them are finished and have a higher priority for me. For more information about the chapters, details of the story, the url etc. please text me. I am looking forward to an answer :)



Ich suche momentan nach einem Übersetzer für eine (oder mehrere) meiner bereits geposteten deutschen Fanfiktions (Marvel Cinematic Universe Fandom), der sie in die Englische Sprache übersetzen kann. Ich liebe es englisch zu lesen, kann es allerdings nicht sonderlich gut schreiben. Ich habe momentan 11 bereits gepostete Projekte, die ich gerne übersetzt hätte; 5 davon sind bereits fertiggestellt, und hätten für mich Vorrang. Für mehr Informationen über die Kapitel, Details der Story, den Link etc, schreibt mich bitte an. Ich freue mich auf eine Antwort :)


http://www.fanfiktion.de/u/Black+Rainbow You can find them here when you scroll down. Rating is variying as you can see.

Translate FIC from Spanish to English

Hi, I'm new in this community and I don't know if it still works but please, I need help. I only speak/read portuguse or english and there are 3 fanfictions from Castle that I want to read so bad but I don't understand spanish and the translate online is bad, Can someone translate these for me, pretty please? Thanks


Ich suche jemanden, der eine meiner Fanfictions übersetzen würde. Das Fandom ist Sherlock BBC. Die FF ist ziemlich umfangreich und über Details würde man am besten individuell sprechen.

Im Gegenzug biete ich mich als Übersetzer von Englisch ins Deutsche an! Darin bin ich wirklich sehr sehr gut! Nur umgekehrt klappt es leider nicht so^^

Würde mich freuen, wenn sich jemand meldet!

Liebe Grüße


I search for someone who would translate a fanfiction from me. The fandom is Sherlock BBC. It is quite extensive. I would talk about the details with the person who will translate this for me.

In return I would translate any story from English into German. I'm very good at this, but it doesn't work out the other way around^^

I'm look forward to hearing from you!


New member

Hi everybody! This is a great community and I'm happy I've finally joined you.
My name is Natalia, I'm from Russia. I'm fascinated with languages, especially with English, so it was more or less natural that I took up translating. I translate from English to Russian and vice versa.
What I wanted to ask is whether anybody can point out a few fanfics for me to translate. The stories should answer several criteria:
1) <5000 words
2) written in English or Russian
3) belonging to the following fandoms: Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, Supernatural, Hobbit.
Thank you very much!

FF Translation into German :)

Hey guys,

my name is Anne, I am tuning 18 this July and I really to write and to read fanfictions, especially about Harry Potter.
I am from Germany and I do have English as a, well how do I call it.. as an advanced course in school.

that's the reason why I am asking for an english fanfiction that I could translate from English to German! :)

so, if you write or wrote a fanfiction about Harry Potter, and you would like to share it to the world (haha) then feel free to contact me :)


I googled "fanfiction translators" and this was the very first link on the list (and also the one making most sense), so I'm here.

I'm looking for someone who would be willing to establish a long-term involvement and translate my fanfiction for me. I only write in English (even though I'm German) because I find it easier to express myself and I always did my translations myself, but I lack the time now. So I'd need someone to translate my English works into German.

The fandom is Torchwood, there's slash content, the ratings go up to NC-17 (no PWPs, though, and generally not too much sex) and since I'm only looking for help with my longer stories, they are long. Like between 30.000 and 50.000 words. I would send them in little chunks, though.

I'd be very happy if there's someone here willing to help.


Newsletter #44 - 15/04/2013 - 30/04/2013

Help wanted! Searching new moderators

The community needs your help!
At the end of the month I will step down as moderator of "We translate".

So we are searching new moderators for "We translate".
The main tasks are:

  • maintenance of the community (like approve/reject new posts or comments)

  • posting the new issues of the newsletter

  • contacting new authors that meet our standard

  • contact particular and prominent translators for the monthly interview

If you want to help with one or more task, please contact us to the community email (wetranslate (at) yahoo (dot) com) or leave a message in this post.

As a personal note I want to thank Kestrel for the trust in the past months and every single translators that has joined our community.
You are a splendid community and I wish you a splendid future full of translations!


Newsletter #43 - 01/04/2013 - 15/04/2013