jolinarjackson (jolinarjackson) wrote in we_translate,

Help: Long-term translation works (English to German)


I googled "fanfiction translators" and this was the very first link on the list (and also the one making most sense), so I'm here.

I'm looking for someone who would be willing to establish a long-term involvement and translate my fanfiction for me. I only write in English (even though I'm German) because I find it easier to express myself and I always did my translations myself, but I lack the time now. So I'd need someone to translate my English works into German.

The fandom is Torchwood, there's slash content, the ratings go up to NC-17 (no PWPs, though, and generally not too much sex) and since I'm only looking for help with my longer stories, they are long. Like between 30.000 and 50.000 words. I would send them in little chunks, though.

I'd be very happy if there's someone here willing to help.
Tags: en/ger, fanfic, help
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